If your resolution for the New Year is to slim down areas of stubborn fat, you may benefit from the highly-effective, nonsurgical SculpSure body contouring technology. The truth is many areas of fat deposits are really difficult to lose with diet and exercise, especially as you get older. Using the SculpSure technology ensures you’ll achieve your desired results and learn to love your body again.

Fat and aging go hand in hand

As you get older, your biology changes. Hormone levels drop, your body distributes fat differently, and some health conditions make it harder to stay active. All these factors result in deposits of fat being stored in various areas of your body, most notably in your:

  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen

Pockets of fat, known as submental fat, can develop under your chin. This results in a noticeable double-chin appearance.

While you can maintain a healthy weight eating right and getting sufficient exercise, you may find your efforts don’t have much effect on the stubborn fat in these areas.

Why SculpSure works so well

SculpSure body contouring technology uses an advanced laser system that targets stubborn fat beneath the skin’s surface. Dr. Rosen uses an applicator to deliver the laser energy through the skin, without causing any harm to your tissues.

The laser effectively heats up the fat cells and destroys their structure. As a result, these cells die off and your body removes them naturally as waste over time.

Because you are born with a certain number of fat cells in your body, all eliminated cells are gone permanently. While you can still gain or lose weight, your body won’t replace destroyed fat cells.

No Downtime

One of the biggest benefits of SculpSure technology is the ease of treatment. You can successfully tackle fat deposits without any surgery or other invasive procedures. Each treatment lasts 25 minutes and you don’t have to do anything besides lie back and relax during your session.

Dr. Rosen even offers services to address the submental fat underneath your chin. She uses a specialized attachment to the SculpSure technology to eliminate fat deposits that give you the double chin effect.

Another advantage of SculpSure over invasive procedures is the lack of recovery time needed before you can return to your usual activities. Immediately after treatment, you can go back to work or your normal schedule without having to worry about caring for incisions or recovering from anesthesia.

Expect results for the long-term

While SculpSure is highly effective at destroying excess fat, it does take time for you to see your optimal results. You didn’t store all the stubborn fat overnight but rather accumulated it over several years. It also takes time for the destroyed cells to pass through your body and reveal your results.

Within 12 weeks of treatment, you should be able to see the dramatic results SculpSure can offer. Your treated areas become slimmer and well-contoured, highlighting your natural curves. Your body may continue eliminating dead fat cells over the course of several months, increasing your results and helping you achieve real success.

If SculpSure sounds like the right treatment option to address your stubborn fat deposits, schedule a consultation now. You can book an appointment at Elkins Park Family Medicine by phone or using the convenient online booking feature.