Body contouring with SculpSure® is a noninvasive procedure that allows Dr. Rosen to target areas of stubborn fat you can’t lose, even when eating well and exercising daily.

SculpSure® treatments use heat energy to destroy the structure of the cells beneath your skin that store fat. Your body assists the process by metabolizing the dead fat cells naturally, eliminating them over time as waste.

In the weeks and months after treatment, you can see a noticeable difference in the treatment area, with bulges and fat pockets gradually disappearing. Within 12 weeks, your body slims down considerably, highlighting the natural curves and contours.

The best part of treatment with SculpSure® is that once the technology destroys the fat cells, they are gone for good and can no longer store fat.

The right candidates for SculpSure® body contouring

SculpSure® technology is safe and effective for adults who want to address love handles, thigh, chin, back, and belly fat without surgery. Because the system works from the skin’s surface, effectively delivering energy to the cells below, you don’t have to worry about risks of surgery or scarring.

While Dr. Rosen performs a health exam and a review of your medical history before recommending SculpSure®, the procedure is typically safe for anyone with trouble spots who wants an alternative to liposuction and other surgical procedures.

SculpSure® isn’t a weight loss solution. Rather, it is a perfect complement to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle when you want to fine-tune your results. SculpSure® can also help you slim down faster when you’re very close to your ideal body weight.

What to expect during your first SculpSure® treatment

As SculpSure® uses heat energy to target fat cells beneath the skin, there’s no need for incisions or anesthesia. You simply lie back on the treatment table in a relaxed position while the SculpSure® applicators are placed on the areas of stubborn fat.

In fact, SculpSure® technology is so noninvasive, you can even read a book, check your emails, or take a nap while treatment occurs. Many people experience a warming sensation, similar to a hot stone massage when the applicator touches your skin.

Dr. Rosen creates a custom treatment plan to ensure you achieve the results you want. Each treatment takes 25 minutes.

Get back to life right away

Once your SculpSure® session is over, you may have some mild redness or tenderness in the treatment area that often resolves within a few hours.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to recover from and you can go right back to your regular routine without any limitations. Because of the quick treatment process and no need for downtime, many people schedule a SculpSure® body contouring treatment on their lunch hour, returning to work without anyone knowing they’ve had a session.

Treated fat cells continue to break down and your body keeps working to eliminate them without further treatment. All you need is some patience, as these natural processes occur over time to slim down your body and eliminate stubborn fat for good.

Maintaining your results is easy. If you eat right and stay physically active, the results of SculpSure® are permanent. Body contouring may also be a great motivator to stay focused on a healthier lifestyle.

Find out if SculpSure® body contouring is an option for you by calling Elkins Park Family Medicine or using the online booking feature.