5 Reasons Why Body Sculpting with SculpSure Remains So Popular

It’s no secret that Americans have an ongoing battle with excess weight; we’ve all heard of the obesity epidemic. That’s why so many men and women have made getting into shape a priority. But what if you’ve committed to a diet and exercise plan and you’ve finally achieved your ideal weight, but you’re still plagued by stubborn pockets of unwanted fat?  

In recent years, scientists have perfected noninvasive body contouring systems to essentially melt that diet- and exercise-resistant fat from your trouble spots, and these treatments have become increasingly popular. But one stands head and shoulders above the rest, and with an astounding patient satisfaction rate over 90%, it remains as popular as ever: SculpSureⓇ.

SculpSure is a nonsurgical treatment that uses laser energy to target unwanted fat cells, and it was the world’s first such treatment, hitting the market in 2015. It’s been cleared by the FDA to reduce fat in the following areas:

So why is SculpSure a leader in this emerging technology? Here are five good reasons:

1. SculpSure is noninvasive

Before body contouring systems came on the market, you’d need surgery — either liposuction or a tummy tuck — to rid yourself of that excess abdominal fat. Now you have a choice: painful surgery with weeks of recovery time and risk of infection, or a noninvasive SculpSure laser treatment.

It’s not surprising that the number of people getting liposuction has declined by 30% since 2000, even though it’s still a popular procedure. And in recent years, more people are choosing body contouring systems; in fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a 7% increase in this alternative last year alone.

Other body sculpting systems require pulling and tugging to suction out excess fat in those trouble spots. You don’t experience any of that discomfort with the SculpSure contouring method.

2. There’s no downtime

Laser technology has revolutionized the anti-aging industry. SculpSure laser energy destroys the structure of fat cells in the targeted area but doesn’t harm the surface of your skin. You can walk out of the doctor’s office and get right back to your normal activities.

Because there’s no pulling or tugging of skin, you’ll have no bruising and very little of the swelling or soreness that you might experience with other contouring systems.

Liposuction, the surgical alternative to body contouring systems, can deliver good results, but you’ll need to take about a week off work to recover, limit your activities for at least two weeks, and experience bruising, swelling, and soreness for several weeks.  

3. The treatment is fast

A SculpSure treatment only takes about 25 minutes per area. You can be in and out of the doctor’s office on your lunch hour. Other contouring systems can take 60 minutes or more per trouble spot, and your provider must massage and knead the skin after removing the applicator.

4. Real results

SculpSure laser technology destroys up to 24% of excess fat in the targeted areas with each treatment. Most other body contouring systems only reduce fat by up to 20%.

5. The effects are permanent

SculpSure laser technology eliminates the fat cells in the treated area forever. Maintaining a healthy weight and living an active lifestyle with regular exercise are important to ensure that your remaining fat cells don’t increase in size, but the fat cells destroyed by the SculpSure system are gone for good.

At Elkins Park Family Medicine, Dr. Rachel Rosen is a trained physician experienced in performing the SculpSure body contouring treatment. If you’re at or near your ideal body weight but you’re still bothered by those stubborn pockets of fat, call the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania office or book a consultation online today to see what SculpSure can do for you.

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